Many companies in the pharmaceutical sector are moving in this direction. Some companies have won awards for their CSR credentials and this undoubtedly raises their profile amongst the public. In particular, from a staffing point of view, people will be attracted to work for a company that has a positive, dynamic image. Companies are also taking a more visible stance on global issues. Recently, many pharmaceutical companies joined with international healthcare charities, and not-for-profit organizations in signing an open letter to the G-8 leaders calling for them to address healthcare issues affecting developing countries and provide incentives for the private and public sectors to work together in resolving the situation.

Our Social responsibities are :

  • We provide oncology medicine at very affordable price to all cancer patients. We periodically donate our cancer medicines to the reputed hospitals for free distribution among needy patients.
  • Effective implementation and monitoring of occupational health and safety policy
  • Continual performance evaluation and improvement in health and safety systems
  • We also help conduct trainings in vocational skills for communities and undertake local-level community programmes that are need based.
  • Better infrastructure and improvement of healthcare facilities;
  • Creating awareness regarding healthcare and Promoting education;
  • Organizing awareness programs for the benefit, security and welfare for all ages.
  • Enacting green initiatives to preserve nature.