Tanivita - SF

Multi- Vitamin, Multi-Minerals with Lycopene Syrup

FORMULATIONS Multi- Vitamin, Multi-Minerals with Lycopene Syrup
FORM Syrup
STRENGTH Contains: Vitamin C (50 mg) Zinc Gluconate Eq.to Elemental Zinc(3 mg), Magnesium Gluconate Eq.to. Magnesium (2 mg), Riboflavin (1.50 mg), Thaimine Hydrochloride (1.25 mg), Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (1.00 mg), Lycopene 10% (1000 mcg), Copper Sulphate Eq.to Elemental Copper (500 mcg), Sodium Selenate Eq. to Elemental Selenium (35 mcg), Vitamin A Palmitate 1600 (I.U.), Vitamin E Acetate 10 ((I.U)

Specially formulated with key nutrients to help meet your nutritional needs.

Give the maximum support of natural anti-oxidant with added vitamins & minerals
  • Effectively scavenges free redicals
  • Vitalizes Important body functions
  • Reduces risk of degenerative disorders
  • Imparts fresh energy

Indicated In

  • Prolonged illness
  • Post surgical recovery
  • Immunity booster
  • Mild to moderate neuropathy
  • Convalescene
  • Appetite booster
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